Making personal data accessible while strictly private - Design challenges in the KRAKEN project

Author: Markku Nousiainen (Senior Service Designer) at TX Technology Explorations Oy.

KRAKEN is an ongoing three-year project that TX has embarked on as part of a consortium of 10 European tech companies and research institutions. The aim of this project which is funded by EU's Horizon2020 programme is to build a privacy preserving marketplace for personal data in full compliance with the GDPR regulation, and based on novel technologies such as blockchain, SSI (self-sovereign identity), and SMPC (secure multi-party computing).

The project is currently in its second year and approaching its first prototype launch, which gives an opportunity for an overview of intermediate results and learnings. A recent blog post by Rob Holmes delves into a more specific description of the project and its goals, while the point of view in this post is that of a designer working on KRAKEN's  frontend user experience.

In the following article we explain the following topics:

  • What's so difficult in trading (access to) personal data
  • The KRAKEN design approach
  • How to apply design to empower the users and smoothen the user-experience
  • Tackling the project risk with detailed market knowledge

Read the full article in the PDF file using the link below.