BDVA/DAIRO and EUHubs4Data workshops bring Data Platforms projects together to support Data Space development
Susana Ye

BDVA/DAIRO and EUHubs4Data (European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs) held a workshop on February 1st about federating assets (data sets and services) from data platform projects in which KRAKEN's project leader, Juan Carlos Pérez Baun, represented the consortium most advanced outcomes.

The session divided in two discussions:

  • The current stage of the projects' results, exploitation and sustainability plans.
  • Matching the value propositions of EUH4D vis-à-vis the Data Platform projects.

BDVA/DAIRO Task Forces 6 (Standards) and 10 presented the ongoing activities and outlined the opportunities for the projects to contribute to an upcoming BDVA/DAIRO position paper from this session and the previous one in November 2021, in which KRAKEN was also a participant