• The Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm, to provide a decentralized user-centric approach on personal data sharing.
  • A data marketplace, which will allow the sharing of personal data and its corresponding Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning analysis, all while preserving privacy.
  • A set of different analytic techniques based on advanced crypto tools that will permit privacy-preserving data analysis.

KRAKEN (BroKeRage and MArKet platform for pErsoNal data) is developing a trusted and secure personal data platform with state-of-the-art privacy aware analytics methods (with guarantees on metadata privacy, including query privacy).

Returning the control of personal data back to users

KRAKEN project aims to enable the sharing, brokerage, and trading of potentially sensitive personal data, by returning the control of this data to citizens (data providers) throughout the entire data lifecycle. 

KRAKEN will standardize different IT solutions thanks to featuring the (privacy-preserving ) integration of independently obtained data sources from subjects consenting to different analyses. The project combines, interoperates, and extends the best results from two existing mature computing platforms developed within two H2020 actions: CREDENTIAL and MyHealthMyData.