Juan Carlos Pérez Baún, senior research analyst at ARI (ATOS Research & Innovation), introduced KRAKEN project with Big Data Value Association (BDVA) as a bridge to engage with the European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs (EUHubs4Data) on November 23rd. During Pérez Baún intervention KRAKEN project was introduced to organizations as Siemens and Politecnico di Torino University key speakers.

Pérez Baún's participation as a spokesperson from KRAKEN also reinforced the contact with transversal spaces as FIWARE Foundation, in which ATOS is already a platinum member and which promotes Open Source technologies for smart solutions. Also, KRAKEN interacted with Gaia-X which goal is to contribute to a thriving decentralized data ecosystem based on European values. In this same workshop, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), with more than 130 members worldwide in 22 countries, was part of this mentioned meeting. 

Some important issues addressed were the level of maturity of the technology for deployment, the level of interoperability and the future coordination for collaborations for the following 12 months. 

As for KRAKEN's situation, Pérez Baún, who is the project coordinator, highlighted how the initiative was reaching its final stages regarding its business validation and exploitation analysis after two years of development. 

You can consult the whole presentation above as a PDF document.

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