This document is the first deliverable of T5.5 of WP5, aimed to provide initial results from the evaluation of the KRAKEN platform and, specifically, of the marketplace features prototyped and released in August 2021 for deployment in the Health and Education pilots. Initial evaluations based on mockups of the marketplace user interface were conducted until May 2021, to inform the user-centered design of the prototype front-end and improve its usability.

The following multidimensional evaluation of the KRAKEN prototype involved users selected from the relevant user groups identified in D5.1 Initial pilot marketplaces' user stories and consisted in both usability assessment of the prototype features after individual usage and in a more extensive evaluation of the prototype in terms of user preferences and expectations collected during dedicated workshops with target participants involved in the Health and Education pilots.

This report presents the main results of the evaluation activities conducted in 2021 to inform the user-centered design of the KRAKEN platform by including user feedback and recommendations in the design cycle and supporting future technical and strategic decision-making by the KRAKEN consortium regarding the design and implementation of the second prototype, to be released and deployed in the two pilots in 2022. Findings from this KRAKEN evaluation phase are also relevant to inform future KRAKEN exploitation activities to facilitate a wider adoption of the KRAKEN solution by users in the next years.


Work Package
WP5 Reference platform implementation, pilot's integration and validation