This deliverable is part of the WP8 – Ethics Requirements and aims to comply with obligations contained therein. It gives an overview of what kind of personal data might be processed within the KRAKEN project and describes the project’s organizational and technical details about data collection and re-use, storage, retention, destruction, privacy and confidentiality, including how privacy by design will be included.

It also includes a KRAKEN data protection policy. It needs to be noted that the information provided in this document is based on the currently available information, which might change during the project. Approaches depend upon architectural decisions that still need to be made, and at the current moment it is not yet decided whether real personal data will be used in the pilots.

The information provided is therefore written under the assumption that personal data might be used, which might in the end not be the case. Nevertheless, the partners' intention is to comply with the GDPR in all circumstances and the KRAKEN project employs a data protection by design approach whereby in a secure and privacy-friendly manner only the minimum necessary data will be processed.




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